An Unborn Baby Is an Innocent Human Person

PLEASE DONATE to help a pregnant woman who is in a crisis. Your donation will send teddy bear gifts to pregnant women and help them value innocent human life in the womb. By making a donation, you are declaring inherent worth and dignity of human life, including pregnant women and unborn children.

Every $10 donation will give 1 teddy bear gift to a pregnant woman.

Your $100 donation will give 10 teddy bear gifts to ten pregnant women.

Your $500 donation will give 50 teddy bear gifts to 50 pregnant women.

Send Paypal donations to:

Thank you for showering love on a pregnant woman who is in a crisis.

You’ll make the biggest difference to save more innocent lives when you support them with a monthly gift. Please donate today and each month when you can. Click on PayPal today! A receipt will be emailed to your email address that you provide.

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