An Unborn Baby Is Both a Person and a Human Being

With Inherent Worth and Dignity

By making a donation, you are taking action and standing up for the life of unborn children while honoring a woman’s right to live.

PLEASE DONATE to end immoral abortion on demand. Donations are applied to ProLife promotions that send gifts to pregnant women. By making a donation, you are declaring inherent worth and dignity of every unborn child.


Your $10 donation will give one gift to a pregnant woman.

Your $100 donation will give ten gifts to ten pregnant women.

Your $500 donation will give fifty gifts to fifty pregnant women at a pro-life pregnancy center.

Send Paypal donations to:

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Thank you!



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Heather Marie Schuldt is an author, pro-life advocate, professor, and counselor. She writes both creative fiction and non-fiction. She is the founder of Writers 750, a writing program for creative writers. She received her Masters in Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary where she learned Christian apologetics and gained philosophical skills in demonstrating that God exists and Christianity is true. She developed the Writers 750 Program which began in 2012.

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