My Journey to Pro-Life

In high school, I used to think that if a woman did not want to be pregnant, then she should make sure she didn’t get pregnant. I still believe women carry that kind of responsibility. It was in high school when I began to learn more about two opposing sides: pro-choice and pro-life. I knew I was pro-life, but I thought it might be wrong to take away another woman’s right to decide. In high school, I was what I would call a pro-life person who was sitting on the fence.

One day, soon after graduating from high school, I heard a pro-life woman talking on the radio. She was explaining how many people are on the fence about whether or not (induced) abortion should be legal. She went on to explain how a baby in the womb is still a human being who is a living person, alive with a heartbeat, and that the unborn baby should have a right to be born alive. Once I began to think about the facts, I decided it was wrong to take away the unborn baby’s right to be born alive. I also began to see the need to educate people on a number of issues. Actually, I began to learn that all people need to be educated in every generation.

Soon after high school, I began traveling from place to place, speaking to people about abortion. It was then when I became aware that many other struggles and misconceptions existed. Many concerns came up when I discussed the abortion problem in person. It was clear that people needed to be educated about many different topics such as ectopic pregnancies, spontaneous miscarriages, and various methods of induced abortions.

Stand Up for Life In the Womb