No 3rd-Trimester Abortion Petition Begins In January 2020

Induced abortion is called “abortion on demand” when women use it as birth control. Those ladies should at least get their tubes tied if they are so opposed to being pregnant.

The topic of unwanted pregnancies is the most difficult topic of all because evil people are making millions from it. Those evil people don’t care about what’s right and what’s wrong. They’ve lost all sense of morality.

The people who do value life must speak up, and we must speak in a way to win people over to valuing human life in the womb, no matter how small a human life might be. I believe our next step in legislation is to value late term pregnancies in all fifty states. Currently, about ten states allow up to birth abortion. It is a disgrace to kill 22 late term babies every day. There is no reason for it. It is a crime against humanity.

I hope to offer another 30-day White House petition in January 2020. Last January was terrible with Cuomo in NY and Ralph in VA who both said yes to killing babies.

One reason why abortion is difficult to talk about is because it includes thirty to forty sub topics. We should take these topics one at a time: ectopic pregnancies, misplaced fertilized eggs, natural miscarriages, life at conception, false genetic test results, unwanted pregnancies, adoption, premature babies, down syndrome babies, disabled babies, botched abortions, induced fetal demise via dismemberment, poison injections, selling baby corpses, selling baby body parts, honoring a deceased baby with a proper burial, hospital terminology, pre eclampsia, true pregnancy healthcare, neonatal care, dangers to induced abortion, protecting the pregnant woman from physical, mental, and emotional suffering, and many many more heart wrenching topics. It is not for the weak at heart.

Someone has to grieve for the babies. Someone has to stand up and be their voice. Someone must lead the way and protect the unborn babies. That someone is all of us who are pro-life.

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Heather Marie Schuldt is an author, pro-life advocate, professor, and counselor. She writes both creative fiction and non-fiction. She is the founder of Writers 750, a writing program for creative writers. She received her Masters in Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary where she learned Christian apologetics and gained philosophical skills in demonstrating that God exists and Christianity is true. She developed the Writers 750 Program which began in 2012.

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