Value Human Life In the Womb: Upcoming Petition

This is for people who ask about the upcoming petition:

Last January, a team of prolife people asked as many people as we could to sign a 30-day White House petition against 3rd-trimester abortions. (About that time, Cuomo had increased abortion limits in NY and Ralph came out in VA allowing infant death.)

Our prolife team kept asking people to sign the petition, and about 10K signed it. In order to move that petition into legislation, we needed 100K.

In January 2020, we will run another 30-day White House Petition, No 3rd-trimester abortions. Our word count is limited, and a few people worked together to word it just right with a quote from an OB-GYN who says 3rd-trimester abortions are never needed. With the ability to induce delivery, delivering a living baby is much safer and the better option.

I researched the reasons why some people want up to birth abortion, but none of them justify inducing fetal demise. Reasons for 3rd-trimester abortion mainly include defective genetic test results, physical defects, unviable diagnosis, and distraught mothers. Other reasons are things like the woman meant to get an abortion earlier, the woman is literally in denial about being pregnant, or the woman tried to hide her pregnancy as long as she could. I’ve read testimonies of women who had an unviable diagnosis, and the stories greatly vary. Some babies were born and grew normally. Some died at birth. Some lived about a year or two. I’m convinced that we need hospice care, emotional encouragement, and life saving support for an unviable diagnosis, not premeditated induced fetal demise.

We hope many more prolife people will sign the petition this January. About ten states allow up to birth abortion in the USA, and it is a crime against humanity. Online, it says the USA only has four abortionists who perform 3rd-trimester abortions. Each of them makes millions every year from it. While some abortionists have a change of mind and quit the profession, others must be stopped by law.

By signing the petition, one is not agreeing to first and second trimester abortion. By signing the petition, we hope a federal law will prohibit up to birth abortion in the last ten states that currently allow it. An average of 22 late term babies are killed each day, according to 2015 stats from cdc dot gov.

The petition is tentatively scheduled to begin on Mon., Jan. 6. We will need an average of 3,400 signatures each day for thirty days. Congress needs to be confronted with the fact that over 90% of the citizens are against third trimester abortions. Science proves that human life begins at conception. A human being is a person who begins at conception. In the third trimester, the babies can survive outside the womb. If a mother’s health really is in jeopardy, she can deliver a living baby.

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