Pro-Life Church Needs To Get Involved

To: The Universal Church

Currently, forty-two states in the USA do not allow abortion in the 3rd-trimester. Unfortunately, eight states plus DC allow up-to-birth abortion (Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Vermont). The church should not sit by quietly while approximately 8,000-10,000 late term babies are getting killed each year in the USA. The church needs to stand up for the “least of these.” The church needs to get involved with these kinds of important issues. In addition to teaching that we are made in the image of God and a human life begins at conception, the church needs to teach intrinsic moral value and the right to life, including the right to life for the disabled. The church should be influencing good morals and voting for leaders in government who will protect innocent babies. If good people do not get involved with congress, bad people creep in. The church should help women choose life for her baby in the womb. The church must also make sure congress is protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The church should make an effort to see to it that a federal law prohibits all states from intentionally terminating a 3rd-trimester baby.

If a mother’s life is at risk in late term pregnancy, she can induce labor and deliver a living baby. She can end her pregnancy early without killing the baby. Since a 3rd-trimester abortion never saves a mother’s life, then why do some women kill a 3rd-trimester baby? It comes down what kind of quality of life does the mother want for the child. There are four main reasons why about 8,000 late term babies are killed each year in the USA. These reasons can be grouped in the following four different categories: abnormal genetic test result, a physical disability, an unviable diagnosis, and distraught women. Keep in mind that some of those test results are inaccurate, and women deliver healthy babies. A distraught woman might be in a panic and say she meant to get an abortion earlier. Another distraught woman might literally be in denial about being pregnant. Another distraught woman might say she tried to hide her pregnancy as long as she could. Those reasons do not justify taking the life of a human being.

In the 3rd-trimester, babies should be protected in the womb, delivered alive, and given the right to survive outside the womb with a family who wants to care for the child. Babies should be loved, cared for by good people, and given neonatal care if needed or hospice care if needed. All babies require care from a responsible human being. All babies need to be cared for in order for them to survive.

Doctors agree that up to birth abortion should never be allowed. The mother’s health never requires induced fetal demise in the 3rd-trimester. All 3rd-trimester babies should be delivered alive. The baby can feel pain and survive outside the womb. If a baby dies on his or her own, then it is a tragedy. Whatever the situation is, all 3rd-trimester babies are going to be delivered. They are either going to be delivered dead or alive. We need to make sure they are not intentionally killed by induced abortion. We also need to make sure they are not left to die in a particular location after delivery. Millions of people are unable to get pregnant and would love to adopt.

In 2015, according to CDC dot gov, about 8,000 late term babies were killed in the USA. Those 8,000 babies should have be born alive and taken to neonatal care for help like all the other premature babies. All babies need help in order to survive. Together, we can help save unwanted late term babies and make sure they are placed in a good home with parents who want to take care of the child.

Please pray for 3rd-trimester abortion to end, for hearts to soften toward human life in the womb, and for people to help unborn children and pregnant women who have unwanted pregnancies.

Thank you for your time and for learning about this very important issue. If you or a loved one is hurting over a past abortion, please seek out a biblical 8-week healing program with loving, kind, and grace-filled people.

Science proves that a human life begins at conception. As moral human beings, we need to value all life in the womb. We need to take steps to help protect innocent life in the womb.