Letter To a Pro-Life Church

To: ProLife Church

Starting January 6, 2020, a 30-day White House petition will be available for you, the public, for any ProLife person in the USA to say no to 3rd-trimester abortion.

Currently, about forty states do not allow abortion in the 3rd-trimester, but unfortunately, about ten states allow up to birth abortion. A federal law could prohibit those ten states from intentionally terminating a 3rd-trimester baby.

Some reasons why a woman terminates a 3rd-trimester baby includes: an abnormal genetic test result, a physical disability, an unviable diagnosis, and distraught women. Some of those test results are inaccurate, and women deliver healthy babies. Sometimes the woman says she meant to get an abortion earlier. Other women are literally in denial about being pregnant. Another reason is that a woman says she tried to hide her pregnancy as long as she could.

In the 3rd-trimester, babies should be protected in the womb, delivered alive, and given the right to survive outside the womb. They should be loved, cared for by good people, and given neonatal care if needed or hospice care if needed.

If you would like to pay attention to the progress during that 30-day window, please know you can always find the progress at this website lovemylittleone.org as well as at the White House website. You can also ask someone to send you the link where to sign online. Last year, the “No 3rd-trimester abortion” petition gained 10,000 signatures. This year, we hope to get the word out to many more. We need 100K to move into legislation.

Doctors agree that up to birth abortion should never be allowed ever; the baby can be safely delivered alive and the mother’s health never requires induced fetal demise in the 3rd-trimester.

Sadly, according to CDC dot gov, an estimated average of 22 3rd-trimester babies are terminated each day in the USA. Together, we can help save those babies.

If you would like to be included with a ProLife team of people who will be helping spread awareness for thirty days, please ask a prolife leader.

Please pray for 3rd-trimester abortion to end, for hearts to soften toward human life in the womb, and for ProLife people to help protect both unborn children and pregnant women who have unwanted pregnancies.

Thank you for your time and for learning about this very important issue. If you or a loved one is hurting over a past abortion, please seek out a biblical 8-week healing program with loving, kind, and grace-filled people.

Science proves that a human life begins at conception. As Christians, we need to value all life in the womb. In our country, we need to help take steps to help protect innocent life in the womb.

God bless you this day as you consider how to help value life in the womb. Remember, the petition is scheduled to be available Jan 6-Feb 5.

Merry Christmas!

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Heather Marie Schuldt is an author, pro-life advocate, professor, and counselor. She writes both creative fiction and non-fiction. She is the founder of Writers 750, a writing program for creative writers. She received her Masters in Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary where she learned Christian apologetics and gained philosophical skills in demonstrating that God exists and Christianity is true. She developed the Writers 750 Program which began in 2012.

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