Three Ways To Help Save 3rd-trimester Babies

Three ways to help save 3rd-trimester babies:

1.) Sign a White House petition, “No 3rd-trimester Abortion,” anytime during:

Monday, Jan., 6-Feb. 5, 2020.

2.) Ask your friends and family to sign the “No 3rd-trimester Abortion” petition during those thirty days.

3.) Copy and send “Letter To a Pro-Life Church” to local churches in your area during those thirty days, asking them to sign it. See the link below.

Pray for hearts to soften and move with faith in action. Pray for the Lord’s work to be done.

Children are made in the image of God in the womb.

We need to keep pressing forward with protecting mothers and unborn babies. You can help save 3rd trimester babies by saying no to 3rd trimester abortion. Doctors agree that 3rd trimester abortion is never necessary for the mother’s health.

We need you. We need you to be a part of a Pro-Life team of ppl who are committed during this 30-day effort to help end up to birth abortion in all fifty states. About ten states currently allow it. You can start by sending “Letter To a ProLife Church” to churches and friends and family in your area today.

Thank you for being prolife!

Copy and send “Letter To a Pro-life Church”

Letter To a Pro-Life Church

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