Three Ways To Help Women Choose Life

Three ways to help pregnant women choose life:
1.) Connect them with reputable pro-life resources.
2.) Support them with unconditional love.
3.) Give them a Teddy Bear Comfort Kit! 

Stories of three women who were pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy.

  1. Jan is a teenager whose mother told her that a baby would ruin her life. Jan’s mother was pushing Jan to get an abortion. Thankfully, a pro-life neighbor found out about Jan’s pregnancy. The pro-life neighbor was able to frequently visit Jan and give her helpful pieces of information about abortion, adoption, and valuing the sanctity of human life in the womb. Jan decided to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, and she decided to keep her baby. Jan delivered a healthy baby boy even though her boyfriend did not want her to have the baby. Even though her mother wanted her to get an abortion, Jan lives with her mother. Jan is seeking support from helpful pro-life people who are more than happy to help. 
  2. Tricia is a teenager whose mother told her to get an abortion. Tricia was heart broken about it because Tricia did not want to end the life of her innocent baby. Tricia went to a doctor’s appointment, and they told her to wait and see if her pregnancy is viable. A few weeks later, Tricia had a spontaneous miscarriage. Tricia is sad about the miscarriage, but she is glad that she did not get an induced abortion.
  3. Marsha was in a relationship with her boyfriend when she found out she was pregnant. Unmarried, Marsha and her boyfriend were embarrassed because her boyfriend’s parents are active in their church. Not wanting to humiliate her boyfriend’s parents, Marsha and her boyfriend considered getting an abortion. After thinking through all the consequences of abortion, Marsha and her boyfriend decided to not get the abortion. They are in a strong relationship, and they do not want to end the life of their innocent baby. Marsha delivered a healthy baby girl, and they are getting all the support they need. Marsha’s boyfriend’s parents ended up welcoming their grand baby, even if the leaders at their church don’t know how to value the sanctity of human life. 

Children are made in the image of God (i. e. Imago Dei). We need to keep valuing human life as a light shines in dark places. Pray for hearts to soften, and for more pro-life people to move with faith in action.

Thank you for being prolife!