10 Things To Tell a Woman w/an Unwanted Pregnancy

10 Things To Tell a Woman w/an Unwanted Pregnancy

‪▪️1. Continue your pregnancy‬

‪▪️2. Grief and trauma follow after an abortion‬

‪▪️3. You don’t have to feel alone‬

‪▪️4. You can give birth & have a joyful successful life‬

‪▪️5. Mary had an unplanned pregnancy and delivered Jesus‬

‪▪️6. Unlimited resources are available for you at kind helpful prolife pregnancy centers‬

‪▪️7. Say “no” to abortion

‪▪️8. Help others say no to abortion‬

‪▪️9. Protect your pregnancy‬

‪▪️10. Get really good prenatal care‬

‪Sign the petition below against late term abortion in all fifty states.

Confirm your signature by clicking “Confirm signature” when the White House emails you a We the People email.


1. Click on petition and click “Sign Now”

2. Leave your name and email – type carefully

3. Within a few minutes, you’ll get an email from We the People. Click on “Confirm signature” for it to count.


Deadline: Feb. 3, 2020

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What happens after 100,000 people sign? The White House will respond. Why 100K? That’s what they require.

For ages 13 and up.

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