What Does a Pregnant Woman Need?

We can help women choose life. How do we do that? If a woman is pregnant and does not want to be pregnant, what can we do to help her choose life? We can give her resources, support, and… comfort kits! Instead of feeling like abortion is her only choice, she needs to know she has many more choices other than that. She needs access to resources, and she needs to find a real good support system. She should never feel alone. She should never feel like abortion is her only option.

She needs resources. Since most abortions are performed during the first trimester, women need to be fully informed that she is carrying a child in her womb. Even though her child is small in the first few months, her child is still a child who deserves to be loved and protected. A woman with an unwanted pregnancy needs to find a good pro-life pregnancy center where she can feel safe and find the resources she needs. It’s as easy as visiting OptionLine.org and entering your zip code. https://optionline.org If she does not want to keep her child, she needs to gain access to a good family who will adopt her child. Millions of good families who are unable to have children are just waiting to adopt. Adoption is a much better choice than killing a child. It might be that the woman will end up keeping her child. She might just need to reach out to a few people and find resources while she is pregnant. She should find a pro-life OB-GYN and start taking prenatal vitamins.

She needs support. At a pro-life pregnancy center, women can find the support and privacy that they need before and after giving birth. She should never feel alone. With over 2,500 pro-life pregnancy centers in the USA, she can reach out to many different resource centers in her area. She needs to be loved. A good pro-life pregnancy center will not condemn her or shame her in any way. They will keep her pregnancy private and value her no matter what. Many times, the boyfriend and the woman’s family do not offer support, but pro-life centers do offer support. Even if the boyfriend and family offer support, it’s helpful to have extra loving support during a pregnancy.

She needs comfort. This is why I started giving Love My Little One Comfort Kits to pro-life pregnancy centers. This month, I sent a box of twelve Panda Comfort Kits to two more pro-life pregnancy centers. Each comfort kits includes three different sizes of pandas, a growth chart, tissue paper, and a gift bag. The purpose of these Comfort Kits is to bring comfort to the pregnant woman who feels like she does not want to be pregnant. The size of the panda demonstrates the length of the child growing in her womb. Instead of feeling alone or panicked, she can find comfort at a pro-life pregnancy center where they will help her every step of the way, before and after giving birth to a living baby. Instead of feeling alone or panicked, she can take control of her life by protecting her pregnancy, learning about prenatal care, finding a good OB-GYN, and taking good care of her body. Whether she decides to keep her baby or adopt, she can find better choices other than killing a child.

Every $10 donation covers the cost of one comfort kit. You can donate today and help women choose life. If you would like me to ship a box of twelve comfort kits to you, I am more than happy to ship them to you in order for you to hand deliver the assembled comfort kits to a pro-life center in your area.

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