10 Things To Tell a Woman w/an Unwanted Pregnancy

10 Things To Tell a Woman w/an Unwanted Pregnancy ‪▪️1. Continue your pregnancy‬ ‪▪️2. Grief and trauma follow after an abortion‬ ‪▪️3. You don’t have to feel alone‬ ‪▪️4. You can give birth & have a joyful successful life‬ ‪▪️5. Mary had an unplanned pregnancy and delivered Jesus‬ ‪▪️6. Unlimited resources are available for youContinue reading “10 Things To Tell a Woman w/an Unwanted Pregnancy”

Pro-Life Church Needs To Get Involved

To: The Universal Church Currently, forty-two states in the USA do not allow abortion in the 3rd-trimester. Unfortunately, eight states plus DC allow up-to-birth abortion (Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Vermont). The church should not sit by quietly while an average of 8,000 late term babies are gettingContinue reading “Pro-Life Church Needs To Get Involved”

Unborns Have Committed No Crime

There is no comparison between a criminal who receives capital punishment for a crime committed and an innocent unborn who has committed no crime. One is guilty and the other is innocent. Unborn children are both a person and a human being who have the right to live. “…nor shall any state deprive any personContinue reading “Unborns Have Committed No Crime”