How do Teddy Bear Kits help pregnant women at abortion clinics?

A woman drove into an abortion clinic to get an abortion. She parked, went inside the clinic, and then she came back out to her car. As she was about to exit the driveway and into the street, I asked her again to take a teddy bear gift. She did. She said she didn’t get an abortion after all. She went in to get an abortion, but she couldn’t end the life of her innocent baby. I told her to contact a pro-life pregnancy center as soon as possible. I gave her some resources on where she can get support during her pregnancy and after she gives birth. I encouraged her to connect with good pro-life support that will help her.

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Every $10 donation covers the cost of 1 teddy bear kit. Each kit contains three teddy bears of different sizes, tissue paper, a growth chart, and a gift bag. The growth chart shows the length of an unborn baby in the womb during each month of pregnancy. Click on the blue PayPal button to select a different amount. Thank you!


How do Teddy Bear Kits Help a Pregnant Teenager?

A pregnant teenager and her boyfriend were smoking and having sex. After discovering she was pregnant, she told her mom who instructed her to get an abortion. Her mother said that the baby would ruin her life. The teenage girl did not know what to do. She didn’t want to take the life of her innocent baby, and she didn’t want to give her baby away in an adoption. Her boyfriend does not want to be a dad which made things more difficult. I gave a teddy bear kit to a neighbor who took the gift over to the teenager’s house. The teenage girl received the gift, stopped smoking, and she visited a pro-life pregnancy center with her mom. She knew that giving birth was the right thing to do, and she found the support she needed as a single mom. She was able to continue high school classes and give birth to a healthy baby.

Can Pro-life Pregnancy Centers Give These Kits for Educational Purposes?

Yes. In December of 2019, I delivered fifty teddy bear kits to pro-life pregnancy centers. They were so happy to receive them and hand them out to pregnant women who go to their center. Since then, I have been delivering kits to pregnant women, counselors, and healthcare workers.

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Since then, I have been shipping out more teddy bear gifts to more pro-life pregnancy centers and pregnant women. It is a great honor to ship out gifts every month, but I need your help to send more teddy bear gifts!

Your $10 donation sends one teddy bear gift.

Your $100 donation will send 10 teddy bear gifts. Each gift includes three teddy bears, a pregnancy growth chart, tissue paper, and a gift bag. 

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