Teddy Bear Comfort Gifts for LIFE

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In December of 2019, I delivered over fifty teddy bear gifts to two pro-life pregnancy centers. They loved the gifts so much! The pregnancy centers gave the gifts to women who have an unwanted pregnancy. The purpose of these gifts is to bring value to life in the womb at every stage of development. Then I delivered more teddy bear gifts to two more pro-life pregnancy centers. They loved the teddy bear gifts, too!

Next, I took several gifts to an abortion clinic and handed out teddy bear gifts where the sidewalk counselors work. A woman drove in, parked, went inside the clinic, and then she came back out to her car. As she was about to exit the driveway and into the street, I asked her again to take a teddy bear gift. She did. She said she didn’t get an abortion after all. She said she went in to get an abortion, but she couldn’t do it. I told her to contact a pro-life pregnancy center as soon as possible. I told her to find a good pro-life pregnancy center that will help her. Thank you, Lord, for these teddy bear gifts! They are a helpful tool that open a door for life saving conversations.

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Since then, I have been shipping out more teddy bear gifts to more pro-life pregnancy centers and pregnant women. It is a great honor to ship out gifts every month, but I need your help to send more teddy bear gifts!

Your $10 donation sends one teddy bear gift.

Your $100 donation will send 10 teddy bear gifts. Each gift includes three teddy bears, a pregnancy growth chart, tissue paper, and a gift bag. 

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Thank you for helping people value the sanctity of human life in the womb.