No 3rd-Trimester Abortion Petition Begins In January 2020

Induced abortion is called “abortion on demand” when women use it as birth control. Those ladies should at least get their tubes tied if they are so opposed to being pregnant.

The topic of unwanted pregnancies is the most difficult topic of all because evil people are making millions from it. Those evil people don’t care about what’s right and what’s wrong. They’ve lost all sense of morality.

The people who do value life must speak up, and we must speak in a way to win people over to valuing human life in the womb, no matter how small a human life might be. I believe our next step in legislation is to value late term pregnancies in all fifty states. Currently, about ten states allow up to birth abortion. It is a disgrace to kill 22 late term babies every day. There is no reason for it. It is a crime against humanity.

I hope to offer another 30-day White House petition in January 2020. Last January was terrible with Cuomo in NY and Ralph in VA who both said yes to killing babies.

One reason why abortion is difficult to talk about is because it includes thirty to forty sub topics. We should take these topics one at a time: ectopic pregnancies, misplaced fertilized eggs, natural miscarriages, life at conception, false genetic test results, unwanted pregnancies, adoption, premature babies, down syndrome babies, disabled babies, botched abortions, induced fetal demise via dismemberment, poison injections, selling baby corpses, selling baby body parts, honoring a deceased baby with a proper burial, hospital terminology, pre eclampsia, true pregnancy healthcare, neonatal care, dangers to induced abortion, protecting the pregnant woman from physical, mental, and emotional suffering, and many many more heart wrenching topics. It is not for the weak at heart.

Someone has to grieve for the babies. Someone has to stand up and be their voice. Someone must lead the way and protect the unborn babies. That someone is all of us who are pro-life.

Say NO In January 2020 To 3rd-Trimester Fetal Demise

“There is absolutely no reason to kill a baby before delivery in the 3rd-trimester” said Dr. Omar L. Hamada, OB-GYN. Most doctors and nurses agree.
In 2015, according to, more than 8,000 babies were aborted after 21 weeks gestation. We cannot ignore an average of 22 late term babies who are killed each day. We need a federal law to prohibit the act of inducing fetal demise in the 3rd-trimester. Unborn babies in the 3rd-trimester can survive outside the womb.
In January 2020, the Saving Jane and Joe campaign will file a White House Petition to end 3rd-trimester abortions. We need 100k USA citizens to sign online in order to move into legislation. The petition will only be open for thirty days.
Unviable babies deserve the right to be loved, cared for, and held outside the womb. We cannot have a $40 million dollar 3T abortion business, shared by four doctors in the USA, who are killing 3rd-trimester babies. We cannot allow a doctor to hide behind “doctor-patient privilege” verbiage as a way to abort 3T babies. We cannot allow distraught women to hire an abortionist who will abort her 3T baby for $5-10,000. She could use that money to hire loving care and adoption support. 
Currently, only four abortionists in the USA carry out this kind of heinous killing procedure. They will only stop if the law says they cannot abort 3T babies. They say they do it because the pregnant woman has a right. They say there are many reasons why the pregnant woman asks for a 3rd-trimester abortion. These reasons include a birth defect, Down Syndrome, emotional worry about adoption, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy denial, or emotional regrets about an unwanted pregnancy. These reasons cannot be a legal reason to end the life of a 3rd-trimester human being. Infant deaths and anencephaly are tragic situations, but tragic situations are not a reason to kill an unborn child in the 3rd-trimester. Tragic situations need people who can love, comfort, and grieve with a distraught mother, offer loving care and support, not a doctor who kills the child.
In addition, some genetic tests give an incorrect reading. Many cases exist today where a doctor diagnoses a genetic problem and quickly suggests an abortion, but the mother delivers a healthy child. Another example of an incorrect medical reading is when an anencephalic case was diagnosed, but the baby’s brain was just scrunched up; the mother delivered a living baby, the baby’s brain stretched back out, and the child is growing up normally. A navy wife told her story saying, “26 years ago, I was told to abort my baby due to severe incurable Hydrocephalus. The baby would be on life support & live less than 5 years. She was a beautiful healthy baby. Graduated from HS & College with honors! Miss Delta Queen! Today she’s rockin a great job in NYC!
Moreover, doctors today should not be suggesting 3T abortions to pregnant women, based on avoiding getting sued by a parent who delivers a child with a disability or anomaly. Doctors must protect the life of the mother and the unborn child, according to the Hippocratic Oath and according to the 5th amendment. We appreciate the medical industry, but we also need to keep them accountable.
Science from the twenty-first century clearly shows us that human life begins at conception when the sperm and egg unite. An unborn baby in the 3rd-trimester is clearly a human being. We cannot deny that a human being is a person. We must stop playing rhetoric games with the word “person.” The 5th amendment states that all human beings have a right to life and liberty and due process. 3T babies have committed no crime, and they deserve to be protected from abortionists and from distraught pregnant women. A pregnant woman who does not want to keep her baby needs to get love, care, adoption support, and real help, not an abortionist who ends the life of a child. 
Euthanizing a 3T baby must be a federal crime. Injecting poison into a 3T baby’s heart, body, and/or environment in the womb must be a federal crime. By protecting the baby, we are in no way neglecting the pregnant woman. Both the woman and the baby are loved and valued, and they are already protected by the 5th amendment. 3T babies and pregnant women are already protected by federal law.

X-abortionists such as Dr. Kathi Aultman and Dr. Anthony Levatino began to see induced abortion as immoral and stopped performing abortions. However, a handful of abortionists in CA, CO, NM, NY, OR, and VT continue to abort 3T babies. The only way to stop all 3rd-trimester abortionists in the USA is to prohibit euthanizing 3rd-trimester babies nationwide. We the people of the USA need congress to represent the majority of citizens who are against 3rd-trimester abortions. We the people need a federal law prohibiting the act of aborting a 3rd-trimester baby. 

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Saving Jane & Joe

People need to know that unborn babies in the 3rd-trimester are able to survive outside the womb and deserve to have the opportunity to be born alive and live with parents who are able to take good care of them. The Saving Jane & Joe campaign at Love My Little One brings awareness to the scientific fact that 3rd-trimester babies are little human beings who began living at conception.

Physical deformities, genetic disorders, and severe birth defects are the main reasons why some people think 3rd-trimester abortions should be allowed. ProLife should be prepared and ready to respond to this kind of objection.

  1. Sometimes a genetic test gives an incorrect reading.
  2. Sometimes a baby is diagnosed with no brain, but really, the baby actually does have a brain. A mother told her story of not aborting her son who supposedly had no brain. She later found out that her son did have a brain at birth. It was scrunched up. Over time, her son’s brain stretched back out to normal, and he is now living a normal life. She is very glad she didn’t abort her baby.
  3. Parents with a Down Syndrome child often give the testimony of seeing a blessing where the child loves deeply, accepts others unconditionally, expresses great joy, and thinks the best of others.
  4. Miscarriages before twenty weeks, stillborns after twenty weeks, and early childhood tragedies all deserve to be treated with love and compassion. These babies should be given a proper burial and treated with dignity.

Sometimes a tragedy turns into a blessing. Life should be valued for however long we have it. Always say no to late term abortions because 3rd-trimester babies can survive outside the womb, and they deserve an opportunity to live and be loved.

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An Unborn Has the Right To Live


In high school, I used to think that if a woman did not want to be pregnant, then she should make sure she didn’t get pregnant. I still believe women carry that kind of responsibility. It was in high school when I began to learn more about two opposing sides: pro-choice and pro-life. I knew I was pro-life, but I thought it might be wrong to take away another woman’s right to decide. In high school, I was what I would call a pro-lifer who was sitting on the fence.

One day, soon after graduating from high school, I heard a pro-life woman talking on the radio. She was explaining how many people are on the fence about whether or not (induced) abortion should be legal. She went on to explain how a baby in the womb is still a human being who is a living person,  alive with a heartbeat, and that the unborn baby should have a right to be born alive. Once I began to think it through, it became clear to me that the unborn baby is always innocent, and it was wrong to take away the unborn baby’s right to be born alive. I also began to see the need to educate young woman and actually, I began to learn that all people need to be educated in every generation.


Soon after high school, I began traveling from place to place, asking people to make a decision for pro-life. It was then when I became aware of many other struggles that existed. Many concerns came up when I discussed the pro-life issue in person. It was clear that people needed to be educated about many different topics such as ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, and induced abortions.

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Unborns Have Committed No Crime

There is no comparison between a criminal who receives capital punishment for a crime committed and an innocent unborn who has committed no crime. One is guilty and the other is innocent. Unborn children are both a person and a human being who have the right to live.

“…nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

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An Unborn Baby Is Both a Person and a Human Being

With Inherent Worth and Dignity

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Your $10 donation will give one gift to a pregnant woman.

Your $100 donation will give ten gifts to ten pregnant women.

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