Saving Jane and Joe


What is Saving Jane and Joe?

Helping Women Protect 3rd-trimester Babies

In the 3rd-trimester, a baby can feel pain. In the 3rd-trimester, medical doctors agree that a 3rd-trimester baby can survive outside the womb. If a pregnant woman’s life is really at risk in the 3rd-trimester, which is very rare, OBGYNs agree that the baby should be delivered alive. It is never necessary to kill a 3rd-trimester baby in order to save the mother’s life. If a woman develops high blood pressure, for example, the doctor can deliver a living baby either by inducing birth or performing a c-section. Saving Jane and Joe is a campaign that seeks to protect unborn babies who have been diagnosed with a defect, chromosomal disorder, or disability while we protect the pregnant woman’s life.

We can no longer allow  abortion on demand under the false precept of reproductive healthcare. Scientifically speaking, all fetuses are a human being at every stage of development from the moment of conception. When the sperm and egg unite, a complete new human life begins to exist. At that moment of conception, a human life begins to develop with all of his or her individual traits like body type, eye color, and facial characteristics. From the moment of conception, the new human being is already determined as either a male or a female and has inherent worth and dignity.


Even though rare tragedies occur in life (such as a fetus with anencephaly, a baby who seems to have missing parts of the brain and/or missing parts of the skull), we cannot use a tragedy to allow abortion on demand. Possible causes of physical defects might be from what the mother eats, drinks, or medicine she takes. Some doctors might diagnose no chance of survival. Sometimes they are wrong. Granted, some of these rare physical defects do not allow the baby to survive outside the womb, but situations DO exist where the baby DOES survive after birth, living a normal life. One mother reported that her unborn baby who was diagnosed with anencephaly grew a normal brain after birth. Women need to know that the baby’s brain might just be squished in the womb, but it expands back out to normal after birth, and the baby lives a normal life, developing as a normal child.


When it comes to pregnant women who carry an unborn child with a true fetal defect, chromosomal disorder, or disability, we are long overdue in taking each issue one at a time and see what can be done to help the baby live. estimates that about 1,206 pregnancies will have anencephaly each year. About 6,000-8,000 babies are born with Down Syndrome each year in the USA. Babies with defects, disorders, or disabilities possess intrinsic moral value and should be given the same opportunity to live a life outside the womb. Death is a tragic part of life, but inducing abortion on demand is a terrible form of murder. The unborn baby should have the right to be loved and cared for outside the womb while we protect the pregnant woman.

Let this be a world where we love life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let this be a world where we protect both the unborn child and the woman who does not know what to do about her 3rd-trimester baby. Let this be a world where we love the little ones.


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