10 Things To Tell a Woman w/an Unwanted Pregnancy

10 Things To Tell a Woman w/an Unwanted Pregnancy ‪▪️1. Continue your pregnancy‬ ‪▪️2. Grief and trauma follow after an abortion‬ ‪▪️3. You don’t have to feel alone‬ ‪▪️4. You can give birth & have a joyful successful life‬ ‪▪️5. Mary had an unplanned pregnancy and delivered Jesus‬ ‪▪️6. Unlimited resources are available for youContinue reading “10 Things To Tell a Woman w/an Unwanted Pregnancy”

Will you help #O3TR in January 2020?

Will you help O3TR in January 2020? What is #O3TR ? You are invited to help with “Operation 3rd-trimester Rescue” in the USA. When: Jan 6-Feb 5, 2020 Over 10K Americans helped last January 2019. 1. Most important way for you to help in this rescue is to help prolife people learn where to goContinue reading “Will you help #O3TR in January 2020?”

Three Ways To Help Save 3rd-trimester Babies

Three ways to help save 3rd-trimester babies: 1.) Sign a White House petition, “No 3rd-trimester Abortion,” anytime during: Monday, Jan., 6-Feb. 5, 2020. 2.) Ask your friends and family to sign the “No 3rd-trimester Abortion” petition during those thirty days. 3.) Copy and send “Letter To a Pro-Life Church” to local churches in your areaContinue reading “Three Ways To Help Save 3rd-trimester Babies”

Letter To a Pro-Life Church

To: ProLife Church Starting January 6, 2020, a 30-day White House petition will be available for you, the public, for any ProLife person in the USA to say no to 3rd-trimester abortion. Currently, about forty states do not allow abortion in the 3rd-trimester, but unfortunately, about ten states allow up to birth abortion. A federalContinue reading “Letter To a Pro-Life Church”


PRO-LIFE DONATIONS! An Unborn Baby Is Both a Person and a Human Being With Inherent Worth and Dignity By making a donation, you are taking action and standing up for the life of unborn children while honoring a woman’s right to live. PLEASE DONATE to end immoral abortion on demand. Donations are applied to ProLifeContinue reading “PRO-LIFE DONATIONS”